Wednesday, July 9, 2014

30 Something's Will Understand

Things I realize now that I'm in my 30's 

It's almost like I lived in a parallel universe until the past 4 years. I'm 34 this year and it just ... BAMMMM, hit me ... never before has it been so clear as to what I expect from myself and others. I wish I had this knowledge when I was 20. 

1. 30 really isn't as old as I thought it was when I was 29
2. After 30 your brain finally awakens to life 
3. Not that I've ever been a selfish person, but in my 30's I feel as though I need to give more and accept less
4. Birthdays? What are those? 
5. Babies, babies, babies ... oh, and did I mention babies? ALWAYS on the brain 
6. You're now older than a 1/4 of a century (that's craziness)
7. That cake will go straight to your ass or thighs BUT you're going to eat it anyhow because you had a bad day 
8. You actually have money in the bank
9. Family is more important than ever
10. Friends at this age will likely be friends for life (if they haven't been already) 
11. New found patience
12. It's still okay to rock yoga pants on occasion 
13. Go out, go out often and see everything you can
14. Meeting new people isn't so scary anymore
15. You don't live off junk food and pizza because you learned to cook
16. Water water water water 
17. With 16 comes frequent trips to the bathroom since you aren't a teenager with a bladder the size of Texas anymore
18. Pooping on a regular basis is essential to your own sanity and health 
19. Body parts start to aches that you were sure weren't there before
20. You'll get over it ... Whatever it is
21. Sadness is just a mere memory
22. You don't know everything and you're quite content with that 
23. You'll help people even if they won't help themselves, but you know when enough is enough  
24. You love yourself more...every nook and cranny
25. Partying is no longer in the's now in the backyard with friends, family and your the kids BUT you're in heaven with the thought of it
26. You have a successful career path 
27. You can't dress like you're 20 anymore even if that top if just amazing
28. Proper shoes are far more important to your health
29. Reading ... Anything, has meaning to it 
30. Love still hurts, but is mostly GREAT and deep
31.Your drive and determination are in full gear and you'll go after what you want and get it 
32. You don't take shit from anyone ... it's easier to walk away 
33. Me time is essential to other peoples health 
34. You go to theme parks and never have to ride a ride again ... You are now the stroller queen and happy with that
35. You can see the good in almost everyone 
36. It's been years since you've been wasted and you're cool with that 
37. Going to bed at 8pm and waking up at 5am is not such an old person thing anymore
38. Going to bed late consists of a bedtime past 8pm
39. You love when your parents come to visit you and hate when they leave
40. You cherish every waking moment as if it really was your last 
41. Free medical advice is the best advice you can get
42. Exercising is far more valuable 
43. DIY, upcycling, thrift, consignment, free and donate give you butterflies in your stomach 
44. You hold yourself to a higher standard than any year prior
45. Respect for yourself and others increases each year that turns
46. You're willing to allow others to help you
47. You find strength in what was once your weakness 
48. You realize sleep is what happens when you die 
49. You work too much and play too little
50. You've come to a conclusion that your life is pretty awesome
51. The scale is a big fat liar 
52. You now realize why you took a math class in HS/college 
53. Getting a haircut on the regular makes you feel young
54. Reality shows aren't so much like a reality you know 
55. Time goes way too fast 
56. The days feel shorter ... except for when you're at work 
57. Walks in the park are peaceful 
58. You become one with nature and all it's little creatures
59. Birthday parties consist of cakes/presents not kegs 
60. You turn to a higher being in good times and bad ... not just bad
61. Getting a vacuum cleaner, blender, cutlery, bath towels or bed set for birthdays or Christmas is exciting
62. Pajamas are much more comfortable when they have more material 
63. When a pet's like losing a child
64. When a parent dies it makes you realize more how valuable life really is 
65. A brand new car isn't all that important ... besides, once you drove it off the lot ... it's now a used car
66. You volunteer because you can, not because you're forced to for school or work
67. You cry at the movies ... even when they aren't so sad
68. You're teen child no longer needs you and you're devastated about it
69. Road rage is less because you're tolerable to grandmas and teen assholes
70. Marriage is a unity between two best friend 
71. Other peoples kids don't get on your nerves as much 
72. Lying or cheating are not tolerable 
73. You no longer find it important to have 700+ friends on Facebook because for real ... who cares what that middle school bully asshole is up to now 
74. Tomorrow is a new day
75. Pancakes homemade with fruit in them are to die for 
76. Just because you like it, doesn't mean others will and vise versa
77. That hateful thing you teenager said to you was all based on hormones
78. No one can make you feel less than you are
77. Being 30 means you have 29 years experience 
78. You no longer run from your problems 
79. Lying to yourself ... no longer necessary 
80. Being me is more comfortable than being someone I'm not 
81. You look to yourself, rather than other, for happiness 
82. You're ready ... for anything 
83. Feeling sorry for yourself is overrated 
84. You no longer feel the need to explain yourself 
85. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day ... make it count
86. Envy is a waste of time
87. You're job won't take care of you when you're sick...take care of yourself 
88. Don't take yourself seriously anymore ... cuz no one else does
89. Having a living will or advanced directives is no laughing matter
90. Never look a gifted horse in the mouth 
91. A 10 minute nap can refresh the soul
92. Meditation/mindfulness isn't so lame 
93. Obsess over music ... all kinds
94. You can now laugh at what you once were
95. Your kids are acting just like you were as a kid 
96. If it can be blended, blend it
97. Bananas aren't just for splits
98. Running and music combined are better than pot after pot of coffee 
99. Crying is refreshing even if it's for no reason 
100. Soon you'll be in your 40's