Sunday, January 17, 2016

Day 13 Sugar Detox

Day 13 Sugar Detox

Let's just say I got so wrapped up in studying last night that I FORGOT to blog. Seemed to be the theme of the day to get busy and forget. ANYHOW...I feel as long as I am not bored or stressed I do okay with food choices. Sweets are my go to. 


Eggs and Bacon
I only ate 1 piece of bacon and 2 eggs scrambled. 


Well....looks like the busy thing came into play and I did not eat LUNCH. OOPS....


Cedar Plank Salmon, Red Potato Mash and Veggies
*6 oz cedar plank salmon
* Mashed red potatoes
*Steamed broccoli and baby carrots
I did not eat the baby carrots because I don't know about you....I have never seen a baby carrot that actually looks like these that aren't bogus. Real baby carrots do not look like those. They are uniform in size and shape and that is just not how it works....

No desserts...lots of water and lots of busy-ness this day!


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