Friday, January 1, 2016



Ringing in 2016 I noted all the New Year's resolutions out there today. With 2015 out and 2016 in...We know there has to be some changes we do with any other year that passes.

The way we showed up for life in the past year is VERY necessary for growth. Take some time to reflect, learn, create with intention to make 2016 the best year ever.

We all know what a  resolution is... Right??? A resolution is to "resolve" or find a solution to a problem. Well...I say what happened,what we created, what we achieved and failed at in the past year was not a PROBLEM, but yet a learning experience.

So this year...ditch he resolutions and set some goals. Goals seem to sound far more achievable than fixing a problem that never was. Make sure your goals are realistic, attainable, fun and something you  will find pleasure in achieving.

My 2016 Goals

1. 21 Day Sugar Detox (Jan 2016)
2. Start a running routine again
3. Take care of my body 
4. Sit less
5. Worry less
6. Finish Pre-req at LFCC (May 2016)   
7. Start ADN at ACM (May 2016)
8. Start planning BSN program for 2017
9. Pay off credit card debt by June 2016
10. Build up emergency fund
11. Plan AD/Will/POA
12. Increase retirement contributions
13. House hunt/start buying process/move by August 2016
14. Live more simply
15. Be present/more attentive to family
16. Plant a Tree
17. Create a larger garden spring 2016
18. Remain vegetarian/pescatarian 
19. Blog more frequently
20. Do what makes me happy

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