Sunday, January 24, 2016

Day 21 Sugar Detox

Day 21 Sugar Detox

That's 21! Amen to that. You know what i learned in this time...SEVERAL things. Here's a  little synopsis...

1. Sugar Detox will make you feel MAD...not angry mad, but WHERE'S the chocolate mad.

2. Too many foods have sugar in them...I don't mean just processed stuff because that is the obvious. I mean fruit, skyr, yogurt, some veggies...etc. Things that are essential to health.

3. Sugar Detox can be hard if you are gluten free, meat free, casein free, dairy free, etc. I know there is a book out there for the specific 21 DSD and it has recipes geared towards this (more Paleo), BUT I am not rich or looking to spend money to detox via a book. 

4. I ate foods that I would normally not eat to get nutrients in because of #3. That makes me sad :(

5. I honestly do not feel any different than I did 21 days ago. My belly still bloats (probably from my SIBO), I still feel like a sluggish snail (probably because I do more than I can handle), my moods are nuts (probably because I do more than I can handle), I'm tired/fatigued....same old same old.

6. I am not saying that I thought a sugar detox would FIX this and I am not saying that no one should ever do one...I am just saying I am usually pretty strict with my eating and I do not indulge very often, I have dietary restrictions so I feel this may have been good for someone else, but as for me....not really sure I had too much more to cut out. 

7. I made it to the end and now that it is over I do not feel I need to go off the deep end and eat all the sugary things in sight, BUT at least when I want something I know I can tine it down a notch and eat less than i did prior.

8. It's hard to stay on track when sugary things are all around you, your family is eating them and it seems everyone wants to offer you some.

9. Prep for this is essential...when I prepped I did better. Towards the end...I had not prepped much and it was a lot harder.

10. Doing a detox on a BUSY schedule is MURDER....I barely have time to take a crap in my every day life and then I just add more things to my schedule and phewwwww...overwhelmed....see #9.


Eggs and Bacon
* 2 eggs scrambled
* I only ate 1 slice of bacon (not a big fan of bacon, BUT my hubby is so we share)


This does NOT have a name...Leftovers
*Brown roce pasta


Chicken Sausage and Cabbage Stir Fry
*1 head of green cabbage chopped and sautéed with EVOO, pepper and a dash of sea salt
*organic chicken sausage with kale (I would not normally eat something like this) browned 


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